Coding Tutorial

This motion capture tutorial demo is implemented in two independent parts. The first captures and tracks the position of facial markers, and is implemented using MATLAB since it has a powerful image processing toolbox. The second is a simple Processing GUI that draws a 2D face emulating the expressions of the user. The Processing sketch talks to the Matlab app using a TCP socket.

To test the application:


This subsection provides an outline on how to write a simple motion capture and rigging application.

The Processing sketch (a Java-based graphics environment) primarily uses curves and basic 2D shapes to draw the animated face, utilising beginner-friendly functions that are well documented here.

Matlab is a powerful tool when it comes to writing image processing applications. This tutorial makes use of some basic Matlab APIs, and highlights the specific workflow methods we discovered were necessary to obtain a clean stable capture from consumer-grade webcams and non-ideal lighting conditions.

Marker Detection